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Though I am broken, tired and worn and sickness forms the darkest cloud,
I’ve found a star to wish upon, and dare to wish my wish out loud.

Though slower now than I once was, I found the strength to climb this Tree
And felt the heart within me leap to see that star shine down to me.

It’s cold up here – an eerie breeze blows through the branches without leaves.
It’s been some time since I could climb, but I’ve found what I’ve come to see.

A wishing star set high up in the velvet cloak of darkest sky
Is sparkling down, offering one wish, and giving me the strength to try.

I muster all the strength I can, all energy towards one end
Then find that it’s already true, my only wish – to be your friend.

Though I am weak, I will draw strength from words written high in this Tree
And I will draw from the deep well of words that you’ve written for me.

You know I’d spare you if I could just find a way to set you free,
But you’re the truest, kindest friend, and that’s not what you’d want from me.

So meet me here, high in this Tree, please someday soon with your widest smile.
The Grown Up in me needs to move aside and make way for the Child.

Let’s sit and talk and laugh and play as though our youth can have no end.
I wish for nothing more and nothing less than just to be your friend.


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Magic me with sparkling words like streamers falling from the sky
The stars above all find their shine in words spoken from you to I
Send your thoughts like notes upon a paperboat that floats downstream
Open hearts and minds entwine like children lost inside a dream.
Wash your magic over me in friendship like a waterfall
Feel the joy wash over you, restoring each cell of your soul.
The child in you was never lost or locked away from who you are –
 You are the magic white haired boy; you are Orion’s Brightest Star.

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