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As the sun rose, she stared from where she sat amongst the soft pink flowers, surrounding her in a sea of colour, with a perfume that calmed her so. The clouds glowed in red and orange hues as the rays from the suns light painted them, as if with an artists brush guided by her imagination alone. She sat in the bright sunlight and as the gentle morning breeze blew, it tossed her wisps of hair ever softly across her face, playing shadows across her blue green eyes.

Sitting quietly she watched and listened for the sounds of her friends whom she had hoped would come find her, and in this silence her mind wandered like a lost soul. You see it was a special day, it was her birthday and she was turning ten today. Her favourite puppies were resting their heads in her lap, as she thought about the fun things she would like to do, but then she knew it would not be the same without her friends whom she loved so dearly. She lay back and let the daisies cradle her body like a soft feather doona and then with her wide sparkling eyes, she scanned the sky searching for her fondest memories, the happiness that her life so far had afforded her. The many times she had spent with her beloved white haired boy, and the girl with the wide smile and painted pink lips, and the young boy with the long dark hair that always followed close behind, came flooding back, yet today they were not here and she was alone like a single raindrop in the desert.

As she looked into the sky, a tear welled in her eye then rolled off her cheek, and as it landed on a daisy head, a ladybug appeared. She ran her hand across her nose and sniffled, trying to find some happiness, but it was like every birthday she could remember was the same. She just longed for that one time where that special moment would materialise and all the sadness would melt away, like ice in the morning sun.

She lay quietly contemplating what she would do next, and as she did the sound of birds singing began to drift from the distant forest, becoming louder by the second. It was joyful and calming and it was as though they were singing just for her to cheer her up. Just then a bright blue dragonfly appeared, hovering overhead, with the golden rays of sunlight passing through its wings and painting tiny rainbows on her red cheeks. A butterfly and a bee joined it and it was as though they were there just for her, but this made her think about her friends, and as she closed her eyes in reflection they disappeared from before her. She felt a tiny tickle on her face and glancing downward she could just make out the ladybug, tugging at her lips to form a smile, which she most certainly did.

“Psssst.” She looked sideways and the biggest smile ever grew upon her face, as three shapes stood silhouetted in the rising sun. She could just make out the tufts of neatly tied hair and ribbons, and the tails of the long coat, and as her eye adjusted, the faces of her three most special friends could be seen smiling back at her. “Thought we’d forgotten had you?” said the young boy with the light filtering through his white hair. She shook her head unconvincingly with a sheepish smile, then responded. “Well, I guess I did a little, but……..”  “Gotcha a present,” whispered her friend as she burst with excitement to give it to her. She handed her the carefully wrapped gift, and exchanged hugs.

Ever so carefully she removed the wrapping paper and hidden within she found a ceramic cow, with ladybugs painted upon its body. She loved ladybugs and her excitement could not be contained. Then the boy with the long dark hair handed her a small box, just as she went to shake it, a look of horror filled his face and he waved his hands frantically, which made her pause, understanding that she needed to take care with this. When she opened it, she found six of the tiniest cup cakes, each one decorated in a different theme, with rainbow sugar sparkles reflecting in the sun. Her last gift was from the white haired boy, her one true love. She unwrapped this with the greatest care, because it was wrapped in love. When she opened the box, she found a vase with a musical rose inside that bloomed when you spoke soft words of love to it, and as it opened it revealed a tiny ladybug at its centre. This was such a wonderful selection of gifts, from the most wonderful friends she could ever ask for.

She hugged them all and then they sat down in the sun together. They talked and shared the cup cakes and had their own little tea party, whilst trying to keep the puppies from having their share. Today was indeed the most magical birthday she had ever had and it would live on in her memory forever.


Special times with special friends

Where wishes all come true,

The greatest gift that I could want,

Was being here with you.


You fill my life with love and joy,

With laughter everywhere,

Four friends close as friends can be,

Friends that truly care.


A moment passes through my life,

So treasured now remains.

Longing for just one more time,

When we will meet again.


We’ll share some tears and many smiles,

We’ll play in fields so green.

Friends we are and friends we’ll be,

The best friends ever seen.

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The white haired boy sat quietly, with only the distant sounds of the birds singing in the Magic Forest and the soothing roar and splash of his beloved ocean as it crashed against the rocks below the cliff on which he sat. He had always loved to watch the waves as they rolled in, imagining that they were reaching out for him to take him back out into the deep blue where he was as at home as sitting high up in the Friendship Tree that now sparkled in the sunlight in the valley below. The storm that played in the distant was fading, disappearing beyond the horizon, much like parts of his life that had been ever present in his day for the last while. He looked up into the bright blue sky with its wispy clouds looking as though they were painted with a fine brush, and as he did he heard the sound of his two friends, ‘weeeeeeeeeee, yeeeeeehaaaaaaw.’ They could not be seen, but he knew his magic was carrying them today to a distant place full of wonder and fun. They had been together before without him, but he could not remember a time when he would see neither of them for a while and he knew inside he would miss their laughter and their smiles, as well as the occasional deep discussions about nothing that always seemed to mean so much.

He stood slowly as the echoes of his friend’s voices became little more than just a memory, then turning away from the ocean, he made his way to the Friendship Tree. As usual his path took him through the Magic Forest with the shade the trees gave from the sun offering a cool respite on what was a rather warm day. He sat in the clearing and looked in deep thought at each of the nine statues that had been erected there not long ago by the creatures that had been stirred from his childlike imagination. When his eyes finally rested upon his statue, a beam of sunlight burst through the canopy of leaves and fell upon it as if it was a spotlight upon the star circus performer. This made him smile, but at the same time made him miss his two friends even more, because without them there who would he put the show on for? He knew also that without them he would never have had the courage to look inside the man to find the child that now writes the words that he does. His friend with the pink bows in her hair and the beaming smile who had told him he could write, and his one love in her red dress with the sparkling eyes of blue green that reminded him of the deepest part of the ocean he so loved encouraged him with her words of love for all he wrote. In return, he sprinkled his magic over them both and like birds that had been caged, he released them, free to explore the deepest parts of their hearts and minds and to become like him, the child once more.

Just then a faerie appeared and began to clean the light covering of dust off the statues. She was rather small, but she was strong. Dressed in the softest silk clothing of pink and red and blue, that fell over her form like a gentle waterfall, with a small flower in her hair. She stopped momentarily and smiled at the boy sitting there, knowing full well that she existed because of him, and then she carried on rather hurriedly cleaning them all. He knew that many people would never see the wonders he saw, because they did not believe, and he thought to himself, what cost to believe? Surely a thought costs nothing and if the thought brings a smile, is that not more precious than a rare jewel?  He closed his eyes for a short while reflecting on all that he knew, and he felt a gentle touch upon his hand. As he opened his eyes he saw a small ladybug, red with black heart shaped spots and a butterfly, with its tiny pink and purple wings gently fanning as if sending its thoughts his way. This brought a wide smile to his face and his eyes told of the joy he felt, as they sparkled like highly polished diamonds in the soft light. He stood to leave carrying his two new companions through the forest and all its wonders and continued on. They crossed the River of Redemption with its crystal clear waters so pure that it reminded him of the clarity and purity with which those that travelled it received at the journeys end. The soft tinkling of the water as it played upon the many coloured stones that lay beneath, awakening the senses that lay hidden waiting for the day.

He finally reached the edge of the forest, and in the distance he could see the Friendship Tree in all its majesty with its branches covered in leaves of a cool dark green. Stepping into the sunlight, the soft glow glistened off his two companions gently carried on his hand, so they look like the most intricate jewels, almost like coloured charms from a necklace. All around him butterflies, ladybugs and dragonflies move from flower to flower, with each ladybug and butterfly having their own dragonfly guard. He feels the strength that this gives him and he sees the wondrous beauty before him, but at the same time a touch of loneliness tingles within his body. He reached the Tree, then looked up high into the branches, he felt its emptiness and knowing his two friends are not there made him sad. Carefully he climbed so as not to drop the two creatures he carried, and then he placed them in the respective places where his friends would normally sit. “There little ones, today you and I will discover many new things. I know you are but small, yet there is so much for you to see.” He looked at the butterflies and ladybugs dangling from the branch above, reflecting their colours and almost giving off a small rainbow in the tears forming in his eyes. Again he missed his friends and wished they were sitting there where he could tell them his dreams.

He thought to himself in the silence that the tree created with its thick canopy, and it occurred to him that this is only the beginning of what may be a long year. His one love with her ruby lips will soon be once again making her papier-Mache puppies then bringing them to life for people to enjoy, and the girl with her pink overalls with the butterfly knee patches will soon become a grown up for most of her waking hours. He knows it has to be, and he has promised that he will wait for them both, but then he is not sure that he can cope with the silence, the lack of words that fill the tree with life, the lack of laughter from the three of them as they play all the games that children play. He is strong, but he wonders if he can truly be strong enough. Of all the things he can do, he is not sure he will be able to weave this dream as he truly wishes it to be. Leaving his new creature friends, he climbs to the highest point in the tree and he reaches the secret door where he has not ventured in so long. He knows that all the answers lie within and as he brushes away the cobwebs that cling to its frame, like the last of an old man’s memories and he climbs through the doorway and calm comes over him. It is like he has immersed himself in his watery world, where he floats effortlessly and all his cares are gone. The place where his mind drifts aimlessly without fear of needing purpose, just coming and going as if with the tide of life its self.

He watches his visions form and fold, like the pages of a book being flicked through slowly as the images come and go. The last six months replaying and in his mind he now sees words upon words, rhyming or tale for young and for old. He smiles to himself because he knows that with all else, it is his words that will inspire his two friends the most. His tales of the most amazing imaginings, of places that they have not yet visited, worlds that will unfold before them like the dreams of a true child. This and only this will break the chains that bind, open the doors to the cages from which they must escape or suffer a fate so often brought upon others that have for too long remained locked within all that the grownup is. Believe! Believe! The words cry out, and he knows at last that the key is there and it is held within his hands. Hurriedly he climbs back through the doorway and he gathers the book of dreams. Within it he writes these words.


The child that’s inside you,

It always will be,

Hidden so deep,

Where the adults can’t see.


Protected from viewing,

By minds that don’t know,

From those that just won’t,

Let the child in you grow.


Let my words tell you stories,

May they help you to be,

For just one fleeting moment,

You have to believe.


He shut the book and wrote a short note for his friends. The note read –


Within your secret garden,

Hidden in a jewel,

The message I have left you,

Speaks of all you need to do.


Take the time to be a child,

If only for a while,

Just close your eyes a and make a wish,

It’s sure to bring a smile.


Keep the message hidden,

For the times that you most need,

The words for you will come to pass,

Believe, believe, believe.


The sun was now setting and he was to be on his own for several more days. He sent some magic their way in a hope that they would get it, then he settled down to watch the stars fill the sky as the dark night swept away the blue of the day. Tonight he would wish upon a star, and he knew soon that his two friends would step outside and wish upon the same stars in Orion as he. When they finally return he will once again weave his words of magic for them. Until then he wished them good night from afar.


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This is a special place and in this land magic happens all the time with lives being changed in the wink of an eye. Here happiness is spread for all to share and the white haired boy has always cared about his friends, but then he cares about everybody really. He brings happiness with everything that he does and always puts smiles on the faces of those he meets. He knew no different, and was always doing something and he was ready to surprise and mystify his friends once more at this special time of the year.

It is Christmas time, and as a matter of fact it is the night before Christmas and he has been working hard throughout the day to prepare for the occasion, hoping to make it the most wonderful memory that he could share with those he loved the most. He has sent invitations out to all his friends asking them to meet at the Tree at 10.00pm. He asked them to dress in their best Christmas costumes for the occasion and told them he had something special he wished to share with them all.

The night was clear, except for one solitary cloud that remained fixed in the sky just overhead. The moon had risen, and its yellow light was bathing all it touched in a soft glow, with the stars watching on like tiny eyes blinking, all waiting in anticipation for what was to unfold.

All was ready and he sat quietly at the bottom of the Friendship Tree hoping that everything would come together as planned. He had spent the early part of the day in the Magic Forest hanging a number of Baubles, Butterflies and Ladybugs throughout as decorations for those that lived there. Spreading the joy as he would say. Now in the forest, all the creatures sang and danced happily to Christmas songs waiting for midnight, the time they called the magic hour, to arrive. The songs they sang were not the ones you and I know and sing at Christmas, but ones that Faeries, Sprites and Elves sang at this time of the year which spoke of the joy and happiness that they experienced throughout their lives. They sang of thanks for their existence. After all we sang songs about them, so it was only fair that they should sing songs about us, the ones that have made them who they are through all our imaginings? Here they were now, dancing and clapping as they sang –


Tis the festive season,

Where we celebrate our lives,

All that we have come to be,

From the dreams of every child.


Giving thanks for all their tales,

From which we have become,

From thoughts and dreams we’ve come to life,

From the minds of the childlike ones.


All those that visited the Forest would be treated to the magical decorations that he had hung randomly from the branches along the path and around the clearing. These sparkled and spun in the moons glow, sending out rays of hope to all they touched. They were made even more magical for the creatures of the forest, because they were all made with the love of the children that believed in their existence. In return for these gifts the Forest Dwellers had carved statues of each of the children that had brought them to life. Nine statues in total, placed around the edge of the clearing as a lasting memory that would never be extinguished. Each statue was of a child sitting and reading a single book, from which the creatures of the forest had come to life. The exception being the one of the white haired boy in his blue coat that stood tall in the centre. He was the dream maker and storyteller that had become most revered among them all, because he truly believed.

Now standing patiently he checked his watch and knew the time was near. He could hear a noise and the first to arrive were his three friends Sam, Angelica and Rose. They skipped along the path from the Magic Forest holding hands, laughing and giggling, dressed in the most wonderful Christmas outfits looking like Santa’s elves. They had little red hats and pretty shoes with bells on the toes, jingling as they went. On their green suits they wore little broaches that lit up and flashed red, then yellow and green, the light ever so softly painting their faces. When they got to where the white haired boy stood, they gave him one big group hug still laughing as children do, and then they sat near by waiting for the others to arrive. Next came the girl with the red cheeks and the girl with the pink bows in her hair. They were wearing Christmas Ninja outfits and they cartwheeled and flip flopped in the most acrobatic ways landing in unison in front of him doing the splits, which made him wince and smile at the same time. Everything they did made him smile, because they were wonderful and so funny when they were around him.

“YeeeHawww, Weeeeeeeeeee,” came the cries from the flying fox as the Little Fox and the Lovely Rose came hurtling down the long rope that tonight was made from Christmas light cord, with the colours flashing as they flew. The tinsel in which they had wrapped themselves was waving in the breeze, glittering in the soft moon glow, with flashing dangly bits hanging from them as well. They also had numerous baubles pinned to their clothing and wore hats with a single star. Um, he thought to himself. Then he realised they were supposed to be dressed as Christmas trees, which made him laugh, because like his other friends, they did the funniest things too.

The white haired boy smiled and stood looking at his friends gathered before him with the widest smile on his face. He knew that this was just the beginning of what he had in store for them all, and standing before them all now was the Tree, decorated in highly polished Butterflies, Ladybugs and Baubles, sparkling brightly and all suspended from glittery tinsel which was lit by the light of the moon as it penetrated its branches. The light was bouncing from each of the dangling pieces, radiating back through the leaves as if presenting a glorious laser light show. There were yet more strands of tinsel draped around the tree, adding to its beauty.

It was one minute to midnight and all was now ready. He asked his friends to close their eyes and told them that when he clapped his hands, they were to open them to see the surprise he had. With their eyes closed, he could see their faces strained with excitement in anticipation at what was about be put before them. He gave a wave to a figure behind the Tree, who stepped out into the open carrying a large bag by his side. It was the Lamplighter wearing his flashing Santa hat and he was smiling as always. Then with nod from the boy he opened the large blue bag where one hundred Faeries each carrying a single firefly were released. In the Tree, were hung one hundred small lanterns of different colours into which the Faeries each placed a firefly. The Tree now glowed in the most amazing colours radiating out into the night sky like a giant rainbow. As the white haired boy clapped his hands and his friends opened their eyes, a collective, “aaawwwe” reverberated through the night air, which pleased him so.

They were murmuring to each other still in awe and through all the excitement of the night so far, no one had noticed that the Little Prince was not there yet. He was to be a part of the grandest entry of all with the two of them having rehearsed this for days. “Whoooooooo hoooooooo, ho ho ho,” came the cry. The Little Prince was dressed as Santa and he was coming down the flying fox in a sleigh pulled by puppies all wearing Reindeer costumes. It was a sight to see as they flew, tongues hanging out, ears flapping, tails wagging and pulling a sled full of gifts. At the front was Jo Jo the Red Nosed Cocker Spaniel, barking instructions, with Indy, Jake and Sophie behind wearing their finest imitation reindeer antlers to look the part. The Little Prince had replaced his long blue coat with a long red one. It was trimmed in the finest white faux fur, and had gold stars decorating the back and sleeves. As he landed, he gave the white haired boy a wink, and the friends all stood, eyes wide open and sparkling, smiling ever so broadly with excitement.

The moon was now high in the sky and the boy gestured to his friends to gaze upon the Tree once more. Magically, before their eyes, the cloud, which had now taken the shape of a giant star, drifted to cover the moon. When the light of the moon wrapped around the cloud, it was as though it sat atop the Tree with the rays of light radiating. Another gasp of excitement echoed out through the Magic Forest, which by this time was empty, as all the creatures had come out to witness this happening. Then with a wave of his hand, two sky rockets soared into the sky from the top of the Tree, bursting in mid air like a fountain, in red and pink colours releasing butterflies and ladybugs that drifted down aimlessly like confetti upon all those below as they watched excitedly. Magically, a Ladybug with pink spots landed in the lap of the girl with the pink bows in her hair, and a blue butterfly landed in the lap of the girl with the red cheeks, which brought smiles of excitement to both of their faces. As they looked up they could see some of the butterflies floating around the tree reflecting the light as it came from it. As the noise subsided the White Haired Boy uttered these words. “Gather around my friends, for I have gifts to give,” and with that they all sat quietly, and the Little Prince distributed gifts to each of them, all wrapped in the finest Christmas paper with pretty bows. As they opened their presents, their eyes sparkled and the even wider smiles silently spoke of the joy in the gifts that each had received. Each one of the friends received a gift with meaning from the white haired boy.

The girls in the pink overalls and red dress were so excited by what they had received. Their Butterflies and Ladybugs were exquisite, and would look beautiful in the tree. They looked at each other as they excitedly inspected the gifts, but then a touch of sadness crept over their faces and they stood, and approached the white haired boy with heads bowed. He asked them what was wrong. Did they not like their gifts? What could it be? With tear in their eyes they told him that they loved what he had given them but were sad because they had not brought him a gift. He smiled, then gave a little laugh and replied. “Oh but you have, you all have. You see your gifts to me, the only gifts I need are those of life and happiness. Your being and this place that we visit, it is my life and I am forever grateful for that. Your smiles are my happiness and you give me those each and everyday when we meet. What more could I ask for?” This made them stop crying and smiles fell across their faces yet again, because he always had nice things to say to them.

Momentarily, he disappeared, climbing into the Friendship Tree, returning with the Book of Dreams, its dusty cover wiped clean for the occasion. He opened it slowly and from it he read these words to them all.


I give these gifts to all of you,

To celebrate this time,

In thanks for all the things we have,

For the thoughts within our minds.


The special moments we will share,

As time drifts slowly by,

A Tree where friends will always meet,

Writing words that are its life.


Without our words this special place,

Would one day cease to be,

This special place where friendships form,

We call the Friendship Tree.


He closed the Book of Dreams, and one by one his friends hugged and thanked him. He had made a difference in each one of their lives, he had taught them each to believe and dream. Because of them, he remained young at heart and full of hope, and he continued to visit the Tree and share his thoughts and dreams with them all.

Now he had one more thing left to do, and for him this was the most important of all. He summoned the Lamplighter and the Little Prince whispering in their ears. They both smiled and nodded, and then he turned to his other friends and spoke. “I am so lucky. I have my youth, my friends and all that you see before you. Tonight I shall ask you to join me and spread happiness to those that are less fortunate.” They did not quite know what was going to happen but all his friends were in agreement with this and excitement filled the air. The Little Prince readied the sled, which was loaded fully with presents the White Haired Boy had bought only days ago. The Puppy reindeers began to bark and pounced around excited at the thought of flying again. “Okay friends gather round, we are going on an adventure that will fulfil you for a long time to come.” With that, the Little Prince reached into his pocket and took out his magic dust, sprinkling it on everyone. Gradually they began to float in the air, then without a further word, off they went. The Lamplighter rode in the sleigh with the Little Prince, guiding the way with a single light, and across the ocean they all flew. The water was so calm, with the moonlight reflecting off its surface. Whales and dolphins swam and sang the most beautiful tunes as if guiding them all to their destination.

In the distance a bright light could be seen like a beacon calling them forward. It was the Lamplighters home, the Island of Lost Children and they were going to share gifts with all those that lived there. As they approached a small light waved in the hand of a single figure, guiding them to a clearing. It was the Lamplighters apprentice, Gunter, who was always ready to lend a hand when needed. Whilst the Lamplighter was away, he would take care of the children that lived here and guide the new arrivals in, making sure they had a place to call home. He smiled widely as they prepared to land the sleigh, being quiet so as not to wake the children, because that is part of the excitement that children longed for at Christmas time. To be getting a gift and not knowing where it came from, with it sort of magically appearing from nowhere at the foot of a bed or in a stocking. When they reached the Island the puppies were panting from the fast journey and they lay down to rest. The sled was unloaded and the friends all spread out, placing the carefully chosen presents they had brought into the trees where the children slept. Gifts put ready for them to find in the morning when they woke. When they were finished, they said goodbye to the Lamplighter. After all it was his place to be here looking after the children, and making sure that they had a tree to climb. The white haired boy was the last to thank him, and before he left he gave him a Book. “This is no normal Book. This is for the children to fill with their hopes and dreams and stories of friendship. Their own Book of Dreams. He opened it and inscribed inside were its first words.



A child can dream,

Can make a wish,

So many things come true.


Within this book,

They will write,

Their words for me and you.


They have a home,

Safe from harm,

Where children they can be.


To live a life,

Of fun and joy,

Just like you and me.


Today we gave,

A little gift,

A smile brought to a face.


The child in us,

The Child in them,

All in this special place.


With that, they left the Island, waving to the Lamplighter and Gunter as they stood atop the lighthouse. They all knew they would see them again and they looked forward to that time. The night was late and upon their return to the Friendship Tree, the white haired boy wished all his friends a Merry Christmas and said farewell. Before they left, he gave to his best friends, the girls in the red dress and the pink overalls a note. The note said – ‘There is special gift that I have given you. Made by the Faeries and the Elves and given to me to give to you as a gift. Let this gift be a lasting memory of who you will always be and what it is I have taught you in life. May you forever be inspired to remain the child, to dream your dreams and explore the wonders that your childhood puts before you? May you remember me forever as the magical storyteller? You will never grow old in my eyes my dearest friends and our friendships will last forever. Your gift awaits you in your secret garden.’ With that he left them to run giggling to their secret garden, along the path lined with ladybugs and butterflies to see what it was that he had given them. As they ran he whispered, “Remember, you are forever young.”

When they reached the secret garden they found two gifts, wrapped exquisitely in Christmas paper, and as each removed the wrapping there were revealed two statues carved from stone. Each statue in the form of the child receiving it, with a book in hand, and each one with a butterfly and a ladybug sitting quietly on the pages of the book, waiting patiently to be released. The white haired boy smiled, because he knew now that the journey had begun and that the world could truly share with them all, the poems and stories of friendship that they wrote so often about.

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The white haired boy was sitting quietly on his own. His two friends were not with him as he looked out over the landscape with the night sky lit up before him. Overhead the stars so familiar twinkled, reminding him of the sparkle in the eyes of his two friends, as they would sit and listen to his stories. In the distance a storm raged, with its bolts of lightning reaching out from the clouds, then touching down on the earth. The light it made was a mix of electric blue and white, and the bolts of lighting were like fingers, or even like the bare branches of a tree in winter. He thought to himself that maybe it was trying to pick up things to adorn the clouds with? But then he was always full of thought. Sometimes the deepest things and other times, well, he just did not remember. This place he called home was magical and like paradise. It was called Tritopia, and it was where all dreams came true and no one grew old.

It was that time of year when the sky was home to his favourite constellation, Orion. This was the Hunter and within his belt, you could find the most glorious Nebula, gaseous clouds where stars are actually formed, coloured in blues and reds, the birthplace of life. The thunderstorm that was raging made him imagine that the Hunter in the sky was doing battle with some evil foe, albeit that he knew that a vast distance separated them both, but then he was a dreamer. Nearby the Friendship Tree sat silent, except for the gentle rustling of the leaves as a breeze blew through its branches, and the occasional tinkle as the Butterflies and Ladybugs tapped their wings on one another as if saying hello. Each little touch releasing words and memories of times past.

A shooting star passed through the sky leaving a faint trail to show where it had been. Then it disappeared as it first came, very suddenly, extinguished somewhere on the horizon. This made him ponder how the shooting star was much like the lives we lead. Often too short and in many cases leaving only a faint trace before disappearing never to be thought of again. Over a very short period he had taught his two friends much. They had learnt how to dream and they had learnt to share the dreams they had with others, so that they could also enjoy the thoughts that they experienced. To some it may not seem much, but to him it was everything, it was how he escaped and helped others escape as well. He remembered the times that they stood on top of the cliff overlooking the cool blue ocean and all the secrets held beneath it. Then with arms spread like the butterflies his friend in pink would let flutter in the tree, the three of them would let the wind and their imagination take them and carry them to paradise.

His thoughts were broken as it began to rain, with the sound of the raindrops as they fell like tears on the dry ground. He climbed into the Tree with its canopy of thick leaves to shelter from them. The rain became heavier and the noise echoed around him like he was sitting inside a hollow shell as the rain tapped on the leaves of the Tree, each drop shattering into a hundred other drops as it landed. As quickly as it started, the rain stopped and the air was full of the scent of water mixed with earth, sort of damp and musty like in an old cellar.

In the distance now, he could see two small lights jiggling in the darkness on the path from the Magic Forest. Then familiar voices filled the air with song. Nothing special, but a joyful tune for sure. Very soon he could make out the shapes of two young girls, at which time he knew it was his two best friends. The light from the firefly lanterns lit their faces with a soft glow. One girl with Pink bows in her hair and the widest smile, the other with red bows and her blue green eyes sparkling as always in the flickering light. He climbed down from the Tree and waited for them, and when they saw him they ran as fast as they could, whilst holding still hands, being careful not to drop the lanterns.

When they reached where he stood, they gave him the biggest hugs and even though they were so out of breath, they managed to explain to him that they had been sitting on top of the dune on the other side of the Magic Forest. They told him that there, overlooking the ocean, they had been watching a thunderstorm, with the light reflecting off the darkness of the water, which was an eerie sight to see. He explained that he was watching it too and now their words had sent his mind spinning, thinking of all the others that may have also watched from different places in the this special land and beyond. They climbed the tree, and sat quietly amongst the Butterflies and Ladybugs, with the puppies sleeping. His mind was still reflecting on his friend’s words and the possibilities that now presented before him. This place was very special indeed. Lots of magic happened here and dreams would always seem to come true. He shared it with his two best friends and the creatures of the forest, with his other friends visiting from time to time. He knew Christmas was coming and he had something special for them all then, but for now this place, this paradise was where his mind was. Sort of lost in all it had to offer.

He asked his friends to wait whilst he climbed further into the Tree. When he returned, he had brought the Book of Dreams with him, which excited them both, because it meant he was going to write in it, and they both enjoyed what he wrote for them. As he wrote, they intently gazed, trying to understand how it was that he found the words, but then they knew that life, this place and his friends were his inspiration, they were all that he needed to make his stories unfold.


Though the storm it rages,

In some far off distant land,

I write my words in the Book of Dreams,

Words I’ve written with my hand.


Words that tell of far off stars,

Where other children play,

Glancing back to where we are,

Waiting for a special day.


Filled with thoughts of life itself,

Seeing much through their own eyes,

Living in their wondrous worlds,

They too call paradise.


So when you sit and look afar,

When you dream the things you do,

Know that somewhere out there,

There’ll be others dreaming too.


Never knowing if we’ll meet,

If we’ll see their sparkling eyes,

Or if like me they’re deep in thought,

Maybe lost in paradise.


As usual, smiles were all around, and they thanked him for sharing his thoughts and words again. He secretly longed for both of them to share their thoughts in words, but it had been a while since they had, however he could wait. He returned the Book of Dreams to where it was kept, and then they sat and watched the last of the storm as it drifted away. At the same time they looked at the stars and imagined who else was looking back, looking at them, thinking the same thoughts. Were they all looking for the paradise lost?

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Hello to all our followers.
We hope you are enjoying the work we are putting in the Friendship Tree.
We have now put a large number of the poems and stories into a book, available through Blurb as a Hard cover book or as an E Book for the iPad or iPhone so you can enjoy our work to date at any time.
The books are 180 pages in total with illustrations on a large number of the stories.
Have a look at the following links.



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             “Hello. I said Hello.” There was no answer. The white haired boy and the girl in the red dress had been to the tree each day this week and their friend was nowhere to be seen. They had searched the Magic Forest, climbed the Friendship Tree and searched in every place where she may hide, but she was not there. The branch that they all sat on was still decorated with the Baubles, Lady Bugs and the remnants of Butterflies, and the puppies were there, but even they looked sad. The sunlight still gently bounced off their shiny surfaces as they spun in the breeze, but they were not as full of life as they used to be.He had come here today by himself whilst the girl in the red dress hunted for some more Lady Bugs, and he had been so hopeful that his friend would have been back by now. He was perplexed, after all she was usually the one that was chasing them, so this was totally out of the ordinary.


He sat in the tree a little sad, and as he looked out through its branches he saw a flash of sunlight glistening in the distance. It caught his eye, then again. He had not seen this before and he did not know where it had come from. Just then, the girl in the red dress came running. “Did you see that,” she shouted, half out of breath as she approached him. “I was on the top of the sand dune and this light just hit me in the eyes. He looked at her, and she at him in a quizzical manner, and then they thought for a moment. “I think I know where our friend has gone. Seems to me that we need to go on an adventure,” he suggested without hesitation. So they set off in the direction of the source of the light. Away from the Magic Forest and the security of the Tree, to lands they had not travelled on before. The journey took them over a barren desert, with its sands carved in fingerprint like patterns. In this place life did not exist, well not that they could see. It was hot and exhausting as they trudged over the many sand dunes, with just the tell tail sign of the footprints behind being blown by the wind as they went. As they got closer, they could see the tall Ivory Tower before them. It was much like the lighthouse on the Island of Lost Children, but it was taller and had no light on it, its pure white form reflecting the sun’s light. It stretched like a long arm into the sky, disappearing into cloud that surrounded its top.


When they reached it, they walked around its base looking for a way in, but there was no sign of a door of any sort. They didn’t even know for certain if their friend was in here. They sat at the bottom, heads in their hands, thinking about their friend. Faint sounds could be heard, but they were so faint, it could have been mistaken for the whispering of the wind. Then, as if from nowhere a small paper butterfly drifted by, flapping gently in the breeze ever so slightly as if dying, then falling to the ground lifeless. The girl in the red dress picked it up and unfolded it. Upon it were some words.



I am a child,

Will always be,

Though adults wish,

To capture me.


I know in time,

I’ll be set free,

And all the world,

The child will see.



These were her words, they just knew it. She was here, but she must be somewhere high above the clouds. They stepped back and standing silently, they could hear a faint sobbing coming from the within the cloud form. The white haired boy called out. “Hello, are you up there?” Then again, but there was no reply. Maybe it was just too far away for her to hear. The white haired boy reached into his blue jacket and he took out a handful of magic blue fairy dust and sprinkled himself with it. “Now you stay here and keep an eye out for adults. I shall be back before long.” He ordered the girl in the red dress. He floated up the side of the tower, like a large blue bird, through the clouds to where a window awaited. It was very high, but then he was not afraid of heights. When he reached the window, he looked inside and all he could see was an old wooden desk, piled high with paperwork. The walls were bare, and painted a dull cream colour. It was lifeless and boring, nothing like the world within the Tree.


He floated through the window and stood before the desk. He could hear sobbing coming from underneath. He peered below and curled up in a ball he found the girl in the pink overalls. Hanging above her, were some very shabby looking paper butterflies, pinned to the underside of the desk. Hung as if to remind her of the place she longed to be once more. “Psst,” he whispered. She sat up and a smile as wide as the ocean fell upon her face. She hurriedly crawled out from where she was and hugged him. “I never thought you would come for me. I have been locked up here for five days now and thought my child would be forever lost.” A tear of happiness ran down her pink cheek, falling on a butterfly she had just made, bringing it to life. She did not cry often, but when she did, there was a magic contained within each one, much like his fairy dust.


He smiled and took her to the window. “Are you ready to escape from this place?” She nodded without hesitation. “Now let’s get you out of here,” he said.  They looked out the window and her fear took hold. “But I am afraid of heights, I can’t climb down, what will we do?” “With his usual confidence, he reached into his jacket, producing a handful of pink magic dust. He sprinkled her with it, and her fear was gone. “You always do that. You always give me the courage when I need it.” He took her hand, then sprinkled some more of the blue dust on them both. They floated out the window and descended silently. Once they passed through the clouds, she could see below the girl in the red dress, in her best ninja pose, waiting to fend off any adults that may chance to come by. They landed behind her, still standing guard, unaware of their presence. “Uh Hum,” he said. She turned ready to strike, and the look upon her face was priceless, like she had seen a ghost but was trying to be extra brave. Fearless agony I suppose would describe the look.  The two friends giggled at her, then she giggled, and then ran to where they stood and hugged them both. “Come on, let’s get out of here before the adults come back and lock us all away,” suggested the white hair boy. They very quickly left this place and its desolate landscape, heading back to the tree.


When they reached the tree, the girl in the pink overalls let out a sigh of relief. She was back once more at the place that she had always longed to be. Climbing the tree was once again fun, because the three of them did it so well. The girl in pink overalls told them all about her ordeal and how the adults just don’t understand, they don’t believe in fun. They all agreed that they would never grow up, and that this place was definitely out of bounds for adults. The white haired boy also suggested he had a way to protect the tree and all those within from adults forever, but how that was to be could wait for another day. The mobiles in the Tree had come to life once more and the puppies tails wagged uncontrollably. The white haired boy went and got the book of dreams and in it he wrote –



Friends will always stand beside,

Will always be around.

Protect the child that lives within,

Where adults can’t be found.


Never leaving chance to be,

With you till the end.

The friends you have will always be,

The one you can depend.


All for one, one for all,

The children will be strong.

By your side forever more,

Where children do belong.

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Darkness has fallen on this mystical world. Stars have filled the sky as far as the eye can see and they twinkle, like blinking children watching in wonder. The white haired boy stands staring into the blackness illuminated by only the flickering lights that play in the tree tops of the Magic Forest. His mind is taken to where it all began, to his thoughts of the girl in the red dress with a smile that lights a thousand hearts. Her unwavering love for him and the words he has written. He sees too, the girl in the pink overalls, her eyes wide in awe at all he has shown and taught her. The distant sounds of laughter and music, as it drifts to where he is standing, once more invite him to explore this place. The need to know and understand all that is laid before him drives him to be who he is, to find what lies inside himself and share it with those around him.

Standing on the edge of the Magic Forest, he watches quietly as shadows dance upon the trees. Familiar forms painted by the light of a thousand firefly lanterns hung in the many branches. The faeries, sprites and elves all moving to the hypnotic tune. Soothing music, gently drifting, carries him along the path, with smiling faces reminding him that they are here because of him. His thoughts and dreams making them what they are, making them real in a world that only children know exists. In the clearing he spies his two friends, sitting on a moss covered log, sipping the delicate nectar that is like life itself, giggling at the antics of the many creatures that move before them. They do not see him as he stands in the shadows, but he knows what he means to each and what they mean to him. He moves through the shadows and continues along the path that takes him to the other side of the Forest. There, his eye follows the well-trodden path to where the Friendship Tree stands. It is silent with a single lantern hanging from its lowest branch, like a beacon calling him.

He reaches the Tree, the stillness of the night echoing with only the distant sounds from whence he had come. Climbing alone, he remembers the early days, the unknown times when his thoughts were his own, never shared. He passes the place where the puppies sleep peacefully amongst the Ladybugs, the Butterflies and the sprinkling of Baubles he has left. Even in the darkness they shimmer as if to remind him of his friend’s being, and the part that they play in his life. He stands before the Book of Dreams, its well-worn pages come to life with the words that are written upon them. He reflects on all that has been written, then he takes to hand the Magic Quill and begins to inscribe his latest words for each of his friends.


To My Love –

Your eyes, they sparkle like the sun,

Your smile, it gives me life,

Your love, it makes my words flow free,

To share through day and night.


Before you came into my world,

My love was held so deep.

But now I have you by my side.

In my heart your love I keep.



To My Friend –

The values that you hold so dear,

You shared so I may grow.

Hidden deep now I have seen,

The person I now know.


With time I opened up my mind,

My dreams born through the ages.

We taught each other to believe,

Now our words they fill these pages.


He closes the book, its dusty cover marked only by his fingerprints, and stands in full reflection of the time past. He knows his words will one day be read and hopes that their meanings would be understood for what they were. He climbs down the Tree, with the Butterfly mobiles now tinkling in the gentle breeze. The Ladybugs danced upon the backs of the Puppies as they stirred. Standing again at the base of the tree he once again looks at the light coming from the distance. As he walks through the field back towards the Magic Forest, his arms and hands gently brushing the tops of the tall grass on either side of the path, his mind drifts with the music that he hears. As he approaches the clearing inside the forest, he pauses once again in the shadows to watch his two companions. Oblivious to his presence they are now laughing at some tale they have told. Their laughter lifting him as always, and then as he walks into the light he catches their eye and they both stand and run to greet him. They hug him as children do with a warmth so innocent and free. Then he takes their hands and they sit upon the log on either side of him.

The lantern light, with its warm glow plays on their faces as they speak of times past. Memories of those magical moments of discovery that intertwine the lives of children as they grow. They will always hold dear those thoughts and memories, hanging onto their youth like the magical blue cloak worn by the white haired boy. Wrapped up in the mystery of what lay ahead, knowing that they had much to see and much to share. Together, the world was theirs to explore. The Friendship Tree will grow stronger each time they visit it and the Book of Dreams will one day be read by all so that they too can grow young as they themselves grow young.


Youth is sometimes lost in reason,

Believing not to dream.

Holding thoughts so deep inside,

Things are not quite what they seem.


Step through life’s now open door,

Be the child you want to be.

When all is said and all is done.

Your dreams will set you free.

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