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Losing who I am, who I was and who I could be
Drowning in the infinite deep sorrow that confounds me.
Some days I dangle lifeless from the limbs of this great tree,
Succumb to all the tumours that have set up camp inside me.
‘She always smiles and rarely cries’, is what they think about me,
But there is so much pain inside that they can never see.
‘You must stand firm,’ I hear their voices urge me,
But there are days when I could sink to the bottom of the deepest, darkest

Sea, the sea – please take what’s left of me
And carry it far from this place where I’m no longer me.
The darkness falls, the moon hangs high over
The sea, the sea – the song that cries her every night to sleep.

Closed eyes now blink, she finds a new dawn waking.
Pain dissipates, her soul no longer aching.
There’s light and hope, deep fears are now abating.
Then one more step she finds the strength to take into

The sea, the sea – please save what’s left of me
And carry it back to the place where I am truly me.
The sun shines bright, my soul feels light under
The sea, the sea – restoring dreams of who I’ll one day be.


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I held a pebble in my hand and threw it to the ocean.
I sent a wish along with it, so very softly spoken.
Some days I wish for answers, other days for fewer questions.
There’s so much spinning in my head, too many thoughts to mention.

I wished the time would come again when life could just be simple,
Where like a child, my biggest woe could be a freckle or a dimple.
But now it seems that life’s unwound in coils around my tired feet.
It always tries to trip me up, intent to make me feel defeat.

Just as I reach decisions, they just disappear like wispy clouds,
And so I go back to the start and try to navigate out loud.
There’s no-one who can light my way or even knows which path I’m on,
And just as it becomes quite clear, the very next moment, it’s gone.

I guess I’m looking for some sign that shows me where to take a step
That’s hopefully in some straight line, not round in circles in my head.
Some days I don’t know what to ask or how to move or what to do,
Some days it’s hard to reconcile whether the things I know are true.

I held a pebble in my hand and threw it to the ocean.
I sent a wish along with it, so very softly spoken.
Some days I wish for answers, other days for fewer questions.
Some days I just need to be still to find my own reflection.

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Consider the year that has just been,
Reflecting on all that you’ve seen.
What have you learned from all you’ve done?
Reflect on all you have become.

The hardest lessons sometimes are
The ones that left you with a scar.
They hurt you deep and caused you pain
You know you’ll never be the same.

Reflect on all that you now know,
What you may keep or must let go.
Remember what you’ve gained and lost,
Relive the joys, lament the cost.

Those things that beat you down are past –
You’ll rise again, so strong at last.
A new year brings new wings to rise
Above the old year’s sad demise.

And as this year draws to its close
Reflect on how it’s helped you grow.
Its lessons near ripped you apart
But in the end strengthened your heart.

Though you feel lost, you’ll find your way
To navigate the brand new day
And all the brand new days to come
For life’s next stage has just begun.

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When old loves are just memories your mind sometimes replays,
When passions that consumed your time now slowly fade away,
When once-beloved childhood friends no longer come to play
When all is lost your true love is the one thing that will stay.

So many gentle breezes become violent winds that blow,
So hold your treasure close to you and never let it go.
So many lovers lose their course as raging rivers flow
So find the strength to love enough, whatever life may throw.

The time may come when words are gone and nothing’s left to say;
The love you hold inside your heart is all that may remain.
The seasons will unfold their sweetest joys and deepest pain.
The joy will always be restored when you embrace again.

Your deep love will protect you now in everything you do.
Your marriage will sustain you both because your hearts are true.
Your souls have formed the strongest bond that binds your lives like glue.
Your journey will reward you on the road that’s built for two.

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