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He sat there reading from a book, Winnie the Pooh I believe it was?

He read the book from front to back, for no reason but because.

He read the words contained within, and who they were about.

He thought how much alike they were, it made him give a shout.

Hey little fox, I found these words, of friends like you and me.

Funny thing, you know what else, they even have a tree.

They have friends called Tigger, and Eeyor who they know.

You and me are luckier, because we have our friend called Rose.

Though there is one difference, with the parallel I draw.

The story I refer to, is not real like us at all.

The laughter and the joys they share are something that we know.

The three of us that climb the tree, going places that we go.

Adventures that are truly real, with much there to be seen.

With many words and pictures, showing others where we’ve been.

While these friends have their honey, and I’m sure it’s very nice.

We have got our Book of Dreams and all there is inside.

The boy they call him Christopher, a funny little name.

He doesn’t have a coat of blue, or magic just the same.

And whilst that Pooh is funny, and he’s really awfully cute,

He doesn’t have your personality, and he’s not as smart to boot.

Last of all their other friends are nice and always there.

But are nothing like our Lovely Rose, who gives her love to share.

So one day when we write a book, of all the things we’ve done.

A book that speaks of friendship true, to share with everyone.

They may see the similarity, of all that comes to pass.

But will they know our story, will they see the truth at last.

That in real life it’s possible, to share the bond we share.

Three friends in the Friendship Tree, who sit without a care.


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The little prince smiled to himself as he thought about the many adventures he had shared with the Little Fox, and the adventures of late that he had shared with his Lovely Rose. The surprises that they had encountered were wonderful to say the least and he always looked forward to the time that they spent together or separately exploring. The Little Fox and the Lovely Rose had recently been on an adventure of their own, where they saw many new things and played many games. They had learnt much from the little prince and he always encouraged his friends to dream and believe, letting their imaginations run free.

“Listen,” called out the Lovely Rose, “do you hear that? It is like the sounds of singing sirens. You know, those beautiful sea goddesses that the little prince has told us about.” She listened carefully with her ear to the wind, then the Little Fox exclaimed, “Yes, I do, it sounds so mystical, almost dreamy.” The sound was mixed with the gentle roar of the ocean as it was carried in on the breeze. They looked at one another with excitement and their eyes open wide, smiles that would have warmed the heart of their friend if he had been here. They held hands and ran together along the winding stone path which was surrounded by pink and red sea daisies that swayed in the breeze, as though bowing to the two friends as they passed by. As they reached the top of the hill they almost fell over at what they saw.

“Oh my, look at that,” cried the Little Fox, as the white of the tall poles against the deep blue background of the sky filled her eyes. “This must be the famous Singing Ship I have heard spoken of in legends.” Lovely Rose looked at her friend, then inviting her to join her she whispered, “lets go climb.” They ran to the wall that curved and weaved like the waves on the ocean. Everything was so white, it shone like the brightest stars against the night sky. They climbed all over and explored every hidden corner, after a while they were just exhausted so they rested, lying on the wall staring into the deep blue above. As the wind blew, it played a tune upon the posts and wires, which was just so dreamy to hear, whistling and humming. “I wish the little prince was here,” suggested Lovely Rose. “He would just love this place, it is almost magic and it reminds me so of him.” The Little Fox smiled, then pouted slightly. Little did they know that he was there with them, he was always with them in some form or another. Today, sitting nearby was a beautiful dragonfly, with the electric blue colors of its body reflecting in the sun, and its wings glistening, sparkling like the twinkling stars.

The afternoon sun dropped low in the sky, and the air began to cool, which sent a small shiver over the two friends. “I know a special place where we can go next,” explained the Little Fox. The Lovely Rose looked at her friend, ready for her next words, with such anticipation. “Where, please tell me?” she begged. “Um,” she said, “this is so special, it is so secret, and I will have to blindfold you before I take you there.” She did not have to think for even a moment to reply. “Oh please, yes please take me there.” They walked back along the path, with the sounds fading behind them, only to be replaced by the sounds of singing birds, whistling and chirping merrily in the wooded area beyond. As they walked hand in hand, they passed a stone sculpture with a large round hole in it. The Little Fox giggled, which brought a strange look from the Lovely Rose. “What you laughing at?” she enquired. “See there, it’s the Giant Belly Button that I have heard talk about. The little prince said that all that look through it would be blessed with good luck. Not ones to miss a chance, they ran to it and peered through, but they just thought it was like another sculpture with a hole in it. They continued on for a while then the Little Fox spoke. “Here, that is as far as I can take you. Now I must blindfold you, and you have to trust me.” “I do, I do trust you, the little prince told me to and I believe him so much.”

The Little Fox took out pink silk scarf, with deep red roses upon it, and gently covered her friend’s eyes, tying it in a neat bow behind. “Here, take my hand, we will walk slowly and I won’t let you fall.” As they walked, the smell of the Magic Forest was so fresh with the breeze floating through the tall pine trees. The leaves underfoot crumpled and crunched as they kicked their way through them carefully. Now she could here the gentle whisperings and giggling of the faeries and the elves as they looked on. “How much longer?” asked the Lovely Rose? “It’s not far now. Be patient, it is worth the wait.” Even with the blindfold on the sunlight playing dappled through the trees flickered through the cloth that covered her eyes, then just before they stopped, the bright light of the clearing shone on her face. “Here we are my friend.” The blindfold was removed and standing before them was a tall and wide Oak tree, in the middle of a large open space.

Lovely Rose looked around, and then she fixed her gaze upon the tree, where a swing hung off the lowest branch. She clasped her hands together as her mouth opened wide in awe, letting out a “wow”, and then she held her friends hands so tightly as the excitement filled her every nerve. “Come sit here my friend,” gestured the Little Fox, smiling cheekily. Once upon the swing she told her friend that today was going to be the beginning of something special. It was going to change all she knew and all she thought she knew. She then asked her friend to think of all the things that she feared so much in her life. “Think hard,” she asked. “Now as you swing, I want you to close your eyes and gently whisper those things as you go forwards.” As she swung, she felt a relief come over her and a sort of calmness that she had felt before around her other friend in his long blue coat. All this time, the dragonfly that had accompanied them earlier, without them knowing was sitting on a nearby branch watching quietly. “Now my friend, I would like you to think of everything good, and as you swing backwards, you must close your eyes and whisper them so only you may hear. Again, she felt something soothing come over her, this time it was the deepest happiness that formed within her heart. “I feel so much better,” smiled the Lovely Rose. “Was that magic?” The Little Fox smiled and without thought explained. “No my friend, it is not magic, or witchcraft or anything like that. Long ago, the little prince taught me that if you believe anything is possible, and he has taught me so much with that.”

When she finished, the Little Fox sat next to her friend on the wide seat that was meant for two and she said. “Now together, we will swing. All our cares are gone and all our dreams can come true. Remember, he told us to believe, and as long as we did our dreams would be realized.” They looked at one another and smiled widely. They had become true friends and they had understood each other so well. They began to swing and as they did they closed their eyes and made a wish. Swinging higher and higher, whispering so softly hoping with all hope that it would come true, then after a while, they stopped and looking around before them a frown fell upon their faces. “What did we do wrong?” asked Lovely Rose. All this while they had still not seen the dragonfly, which had not long before flown to land behind them.

“Ah hum,” coughed the little prince. Like magic he had appeared, their wish had come true. They fell from the swing and turned around with their eyes sparkling and mouths open wide. Then looking at one another they scrambled to their feet and ran to where he stood with his arms open wide to greet them. There were tears in his eyes as they hugged him and they giggled at the magic he had woven. “How did you do that?” asked Lovely Rose. He smiled and spoke a few words of wisdom. “You see my friends, I am always with you.” They did not ask any more of him. They knew that he was magical with so much that he did and that there was no need to understand how it worked, just that he had it. He would always be there to protect them both, to fill their minds with dreams and imaginations.

“Let me leave you with some words my friends.”

“You have both shown me how to live, given me the courage to dream. From that I give to you my imaginations so you too may dream, so all your wishes may come true. Never fear, for in a thought I will be there as you need, forever a friend as friends should be.”

They smiled and hugged him, then together they left the Magic Forest and made their way to the Friendship Tree, where they would look at the stars and dream together some more. Three friends forever, never to part.

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