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Where the shadows stretch so long and deep and linger well into the night, that is where I sit in silence waiting for the night owl flight. Upon the misty winter breeze an echo carries wide and far, until it echoes never more muted neath a sky of stars. Life and death like night and day so far apart yet one the same, captured now together held forever more in tight embrace. To close your eyes and drift away and find a peace so few will know, one day to see beyond the veil into that other world will go.



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The mirror is just a reflection of what can be. Look past the reflection and you will see who you really are. Inside you is a wonder that few know. That is the child that smiles the widest beaming smile. You are old, but you are young. Your heart beats to the sounds of children’s voices. May that last forever in you. May I share the child in me forever also.

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A journey taken as one can bring joy to the soul.

Shared by two, the journey brings added wonder.

With three the door is opened to another world.

Though words may not rhyme, a story is still told.


That hearts can beat together is a wonder to behold.

Dreams shared – then lived – make each day special.

Understanding only what is important will bring smiles.

Listening to your heart will bring warmth to your body.


When it aches we will all ache together.

When it smiles we will all smile like the child within us smiles.

Reach deep inside and give a part of you so others will know.

The bond we have is unique but it is not exclusive.


Through truth, trust and the love that children share,

You too will know what we have come to know.

Find that special place in your mind.

Open up the door to the wonders that true friendship brings.

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