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Where the shadows stretch so long and deep and linger well into the night, that is where I sit in silence waiting for the night owl flight. Upon the misty winter breeze an echo carries wide and far, until it echoes never more muted neath a sky of stars. Life and death like night and day so far apart yet one the same, captured now together held forever more in tight embrace. To close your eyes and drift away and find a peace so few will know, one day to see beyond the veil into that other world will go.



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As the ether of the night slowly envelopes the daylight hours, and the distant stars sparkle like something lost, so time slows and turns.

In the deepest darkness the colours like a rainbow twist and turn, as they have always done, far more distant than a tiny mind can comprehend.

I think, I wonder, yet there is no answer to be found, no age to be told. One more light in the midnight sky amongst a million others.

If I knew what may truly be would I consider at all or would I continue in wonder that something else may be?

The midnight chime in the winter chill echoes its resonating sound, to where it fades, never to be seen or heard again.

Gentle breaths in slumber state, slow ever more to finally end.


What now lives on?

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What remains is what once-was, transformed
By thunder’s memory of ancient storms.
Lightninged limbs detached from trees
That fell to rot on forrest floors
Can never be restored.

New branches do push slowly through
The trunk’s gnarled bark, adorned with dew;
The feeble green afraid to glow
For fear it too will someday go
Down to the ground where it decays,
Where listless hours lament the days.

Will fragile leaves detach with wind
Along with twigs that break, then spin?
Or will they persevere and grow
Like branches that we used to know,
Ones strong enough to bear the weight
Of all that children contemplate?

Future, past, dark then, now bright
Imagination taking flight, but
Hiding now again until
All fear subsides –
I pray it will.

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Just where I stand within this land,
I do not have a clue,
So far beneath this clouded sky,
Beside the sea so blue.

The landscape’s changed, or so it seems;
No magic can be found.
Where once I floated in my dreams
Now I am anchored to the ground.

There was a Tree that once grew tall
But now its silent shadow falls
Upon this rocky, barren earth
Where little grows at all.

It’s nature’s way for things to shift
As seasons come to pass;
What time will bring and what will be
Are questions that I dare not ask.

Perhaps I am a mountain
And will stand the test of time.
Perhaps I’m nothing but a leaf
Decaying into shapeless slime.

I have no substance of my own,
Destined to just reflect what’s there.
Shall I stay near or disappear?
The question floats on air.

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A hundred look straight past me,

A hundred do not know

That there’s magic locked inside me

Waiting to put on a show.


A thousand would not stop to think,

A thousand would not ask

The questions that would all release

The Magic of my heart.


A million walk straight past me,

A million do not see,

But you Two found my Magic

And have brought it out in me.

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