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Who am I? Some time ago, it matters not how long, I began writing. I wrote about friendship and what it is to have a friend that you can talk to about the simplest or most complex of things with total trust, honesty and without judgement. That I am a man and my friendship is with a woman other than my wife may raise a few eyebrows in those that would choose to imagine otherwise, yet I can assure you it is very possible. My wife is a wonderful person and she is my first friend. She is also my truest love. At the same time as I, she has formed a friendship with my friend as well and can testify that it is possible to see beyond the expectations or beliefs so often cast by society that knows life only as grown ups do. That with respect for one another and the relationships held true, anything is possible, maybe even unique. Like children we hold no expectations of what the friendship we have is except that it is what it is, and that it remains strong. With pure and true intent you too can find what I am lucky to have found.

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