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The small girl sat quietly on the seat of the old timber swing, suspended from the strong low branch of the tree she would often climb with her friend. She hummed a tune as she waited patiently, with her ragged pink bows dangling from her ponytails, and her pink overalls slightly worn from the adventures she had been on. “Hum di hum di hum,” she hummed as she kicked her tiny feet so that the toes scuffed along grass below her. Every now and then she looked around inquisitively, as if expecting someone to show up, but the silence was matched only by her loneliness, and the echo it left was a hollow emptiness. Dangling from a branch nearby hung some tiny butterflies, sitting lifeless, suspended carefully, but nothing much more, and only seen by a few curious eyes. “I wish I could fly,” she whispered as she gave a gentle kick, but then she did not have as much strength as she used to and it hurt somewhat when she moved suddenly. She sobbed quietly as she sat there and thought about the adventures she wished she could go on once more, carried away to distant places where her weightless form would drift and sway.

As the tiny tears rolled down her cheeks, she wiped them away and gave a sniffle as elegantly as any small girl could, and as she sat there a single tear fell unguarded, and as it tumbled and turned a tiny dragonfly appeared as if brought on by a wish or a thought. It hovered unseen behind her ever so quietly, as if it too were hung by a single thread. She had stopped crying and was almost at the point of climbing down and giving up, when a tiny breeze blew, pushing her forward ever so slightly. The breeze stopped and she swung backwards before the breeze blew once more, pushing her forward again, ever further.

With a whoosh past her ear the dragonfly now hovered before her so she could see it, and as she swung forward once more she watched as its tiny wings began to beat rapidly, sending a breeze in her direction pushing her backwards once more. Gradually she swung further and higher, smiling ever wider as the rush of wind now filtered through her hair, and as she swung forward once more she laid her head back, as if to look at the sky only to see a small boy smiling from the branch above her. She giggled and he shouted, “close your eyes and make a wish,” which she did without hesitation, and as he watched on he laughed and at the same time he sprinkled some magic from the pocket of his blue jacket.

“Are you ready?” he cried at the top of his voice. “Yes I am,” she called back as she swung higher and farther still, giggling with the gay abandonment that she had long ago lost. “I hope you are wishing?” he questioned loudly, and as soon as she nodded her response a coolness enveloped her and she was carried away to where she found herself floating aimlessly in the cool clear water that had been like a second home to her. Immersed in the salty liquid, she felt all her cares wash away as if she were in a hypnotic trance, a dream state that she had longed to experience once more. She swayed in the gentle wash of the ocean like a child within a womb, and all around her the creatures she saw brought a long forgotten ‘wow’ to her once cracked, dry lips. It had been so long since she had been able to enjoy the simple pleasures that being under water afforded, and even longer since she had felt the freedom that it gave her.

She kicked her tiny feet and glided effortless through the water, cutting a path through schools of brightly colored fish that seemed to smile in her direction before following her on the adventure. Her body twisted and turned as she swam, free like a creature of the sea. She wove her way through the tall sea weed forests that were intermingled with large cuttlefish that randomly changed shape mimicking the surroundings, as if putting on a magic show for her, at the same time sending waves of color across their bodies like the pulsating light of a disco strobe or the most intricate kaleidoscope. She hovered as the largest came close, holding out a tentacle as if gesturing to touch, before shooting off in a teasing movement. She swam away once more, this time with her arms outstretched as though she was flying, then from the corner of her eye she spotted the shape of a large stingray as it came close as if emulating her movements. She smiled widely as it twisted and turned slowly, following her every move. It had the grace of an angel, and for a moment she imagined, she wondered, but then her thoughts shifted once more. Upon the sandy floor she spied a small blue shell glistening in the filtered light, and she picked it up and placed it in her pocket as a keepsake from this adventure.

She was truly in her element and this was surely her most favorite place, and of all the things she had dreamed, this was the one thing above all else that held such great importance, and at times you may think more important than life itself. After all, what is a life unless you can drift in the waters cool embrace. She was growing tired, but her journey was not yet complete, and something told her there was more, more than she could ever hope. Ahead in the stream of sunlight that punched through the surface of the water she could just make out a distinctive shape, one she knew but had only dreamed of. As it came close she realized that this was truly the one thing she had waited for, the one thing feared by most, but respected and sought after by her. It was the much maligned great white shark, with its grey to white body color and as powerful as any animal that existed, but to her it was like a puppy dog that would melt at her touch. It brushed close by as if it knew her, even understood her intentions and she felt as at ease as she had at any time in her life. She swam as one with this great creature, an experience that would be as great as any she had ever had. Her dreams had been realized and she was grateful for this day.

The light had faded to dark, and as it did so a strange feeling came over her. She woke to find herself sitting on the swing where she first started. He hair was slightly damp, and she could taste the salt on her lips. Surely it was not a dream, it was too real, and how refreshed she felt? She looked around once more and as she did she noticed a tiny dragonfly lying on the ground, barely alive, glimmering in the moon glow. She picked it up carefully and held it gently in her hand, and as it turned itself towards her it gave one last desperate flutter, before it died. She carefully tied it to the most wonderful piece of colored string and placed it hanging next to the butterfly mobiles where it now belonged and in the breeze it tapped them as if to keep them awake. She now looked further into the tree, but there was no sign of the small boy, and she wondered if he was real or just a part of the dream, if that is what she had. She wondered, and then she remembered, the shell. Her tiny fingers reached inside the pocket of her pink overalls, searching, fumbling frantically, and then her face lit up with a smile as she removed her hand and there within her tiny fingers she held the blue shell. She knew now that this was as real as she had wished it could be, and the small boy with all his magic had made it possible, but then he knew that all he had done was to give her the belief to live the dream that was all hers.

She climbed down from the swing and before she left she looked to the stars and she saw a twinkle in amongst them with an echoed laughter of a small boy. She smiled and whispered thank you, and although she could not see, he smiled in return knowing that he had made some difference once again, and that there was more magic where that had come from.

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“You never signed up for this,” she explained as she tried to make him understand the full extent of her predicament. He looked at her in a puzzled manner, and not knowing whether to nod or shake his head, he began to reply. “But I …..”. She stopped him and as the breeze tossed his long white hair, she paused for a moment, before she continued to explain. “I’ve been here before and it is not nice, as a matter of fact it is too much at times even for me to comprehend.” He listened to all she had to say, telling of a myriad of treatments and side affects, not to mention what the future may hold for her. The look on his face was one of sadness as all that she said began to sink in, but then for a moment he began to smile. She looked at him with her eyes all scrunched up, and an expression that in some way questioned how it was that he found the situation so funny or how it could be that he was happy. He knew what she was thinking, but then his outlook on life was always a positive one, where believing in yourself was so important, so he very quickly explained.

He looked in her direction and then he began to speak. “Did I ever tell you I was magic?” She looked at him and wondered, then she sat listening intently as he explained some more. “Do you know what magic is?” She nodded her head so that her pink bows bounced. “It is like pulling a rabbit from a hat, or making something disappear, isn’t it? I like magic.” He shrugged his shoulders and he continued. “Well, it is sort of but, that is more of an illusion than magic. You see magic is something more, it is believing when others may doubt, it is not an illusion, it is something special” He knew right now she was more confused by all that had happened to her and how it was she had come to be where she was once more. So in the fading light he began to weave his words. He told her stories full of hope, he painted pictures in her mind that only a crafted imagination could weave, and as he continued so his words became like air and water that would give her the strength to believe in herself. When he was done, she smiled and she understood that with the complexities that had filled her mind she would navigate what lay ahead and she would make the choices she needed for the right reasons.

She looked at the white haired boy as he sat staring into the distance in deep concentration, and then she posed a question that she wondered if he would ever be able to answer. “The future.” He broke from his thought and turned, “huh?” “The future, what does it hold for me?” His gaze turned towards the dark sky above, sprinkled with a million or more stars and he carefully pondered his answer before he explained. “I will be there one day, somewhere there,” pointing with the finger of his outstretched hand towards a coloured smudge across the darkness. “We will all be there and it will be amazing because we will get to look down on all these wonders that we can only dream of seeing now.” She heard him but then she still did not know. “What about me? What is my future?” He smiled as he looked at her once more, then he clarified his observations. “You will be there too, but not yet, not for a long time. I see that you have much to teach and much to learn with a lifetime to go before you that is yet to be fulfilled. She smiled again, almost relieved at what he had told her, and she felt more assured, more at ease than ever. “So do you believe?” He asked excitedly. She nodded, hesitantly at first but then with the confidence that made him smile.

She realised that as her friend  he felt no burden, he understood what it was that he had signed up for. As a matter of fact it had not been her choice, her request, but his because that was what true friendship was to him. He would offer his words, his encouragement so that she would remain strong, never to stop believing, and as she took this journey she would grow to know what it was that lay ahead for her. It would never be easy, but she would survive and her story, one day written, will tell a tale that was against all odds.
The stars will shine tonight, and every night to come, and each time she looks into the sky she will hear the laughter of the children that look down upon her sending their wishes her way.

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There’s a certain kind of magic that resides within a star,

Like tiny diamonds in the sky to show you where they are.

Every one a special place to fill the night time sky,

A shining light for all to see with our tiny wondering eyes.


Some will glow and sparkle like the eyes of children past,

Others laugh and giggle as they call on us at last.

Some will shoot across the sky and fade like life we know,

A wish to make for us to dream wherever we may go.


There are stories that will fill your mind from imaginations wild,

Filled with hope and wonder from the thoughts of just one child.

You’ll feel the words that lift you to a very special place,

Where stars are born along with dreams somewhere there in space.


In the moon glow you will find him as he waits to make a wish,

To banish all that’s bad and make good all there is.

Staring so intently deep into the night-time sky,

Waiting for that special star as he watches it go by.


Each and every star you see is a wish that waits to be,

A dream that one-day will come true there for you to see.

A magic all so simple if you believe in who you are,

Cast your fears aside and see the magic in a star.




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He stood overlooking the rolling valley in the soft evening light, with the Tree bathed in the glow of the sun’s golden rays. His long blue coat with its polished buttons flapped in the breeze, gently tapping on his legs like a small child seeking his attention, with the buttons making a tinkety tink. As he studied all that lay before him, he watched as the wheat field swayed like the surface of the ocean with an ever changing texture. He glanced in the direction of the Tree and as he looked closer he thought he saw with his tiny eyes a glint of light as it reflected from within the Tree, and as he concentrated harder he could hear the smallest sound of laughter echoing from within. ‘No, it can’t be,’ he thought to himself, but there it was again, ‘surely not?’ Excitedly he ran through the wheat field, nearly falling as his tiny legs almost lost all control as he leaped and bounded on his way, and when he finally stood at the bottom of the Tree, he waited and he listened intently. The laughter was still there, but it had become weaker, almost more distant as if fading into obscurity far from the deepest reaches of his imagination as if drifting away from where it had begun.

He climbed the Tree to where he would usually sit and once inside he gazed around, but there was not a single soul to be found, not a sign that anyone had been here in the last while. He bowed his head and he wondered, then as the breeze blew through the dangling green leaves he heard it once more. He turned then looked overhead and there he noticed the familiar sight of a mobile with the remnants of shattered butterflies suspended precariously from the fragile pieces of string. As it wavered in the light he saw one final in tact butterfly, the last one hung from a rainbow coloured string and as it span in the breeze so the softest laughter could be heard. He thought to a time not long ago and he remembered this one, the rescue one, the one that had sacrificed all to search for the small boy that had drowned in all his sorrow and self-pity, the one that told of the lengths to which friends will go for one another. He approached it cautiously, with the light reflecting like a kaleidoscope from its silken wings and as he did so it fell, and with an outstretched hand he grasped and held on tightly so that it would not disintegrate on the barren ground below as so many others had.

Held now tightly within his tiny palms, he could see that whilst it was the same one, there was now more. Its words told of misfortune and despair, joy and suffering and waiting for the joy once more, but how could he be so sure, was that the laughter mingled with a sadness? He thought long and hard, and then he climbed down from the Tree, planting his feet firmly on the desolate earth below with a tiny puff of dust as he landed. He stepped away from the canopy that shielded him, and as he stood there with the hum of the night echoing he looked deep into the night sky. He reached out and grasped a small piece of the delicate velvet that spanned the sky which in turn held the many stars of hope in his vision and then he clenched his fist and took a piece in his hand. He made a soft velvet bag and he placed the delicate butterfly within mingled with just a few stars for protection, and as he did it began to stir before he closed the bag tightly. In the distance the light radiated from the magic forest and the faintest sounds of the faeries and elves carried upon the breeze to where he stood, their songs drawing him towards them. He trod the path of fortune that he had travelled so often before and as he reached the forest he watched in wonder as the small ones danced and sprinkled their magic dust upon the ground around them. He watched in amazement as everywhere it landed tiny flowers grew, in pinks and reds and blue, and dragonflies flitted carefree here and there. ‘Was this life giving, did it really have the magic he had come to find?’ he thought to himself. He thought no more and he quickly gathered some of faerie dust and he placed it inside the black bag alongside the butterfly mobile and stars, and as he did so the butterfly began to stir to life with its delicate wings fanning slowly like the beat of a tiny heart, which brought a smile to his face.

His soft blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight as he stood looking out from where the forest met the wheat field once more, and he watched as a fox danced in the moon’s glow. He sat quietly, unseen, admiring the enthusiasm with which she moved, full of life, full of believing, not a care in the world. Then as he looked on a flash of light raced across the sky, exploding like a firework and sprinkling hundreds of tiny stars across the land and like little diamonds they sparkled here and there and he searched through the field gathering each and every one of them adding them to his magical collection. Everything inside the bag now glowed bright and strong and the energy it contained was stronger than any he had made before. All this time with his concentration so intense on his task, he did not see that the fox had stopped and was looking on with a smile on her face, because she understood who he was and what it was he was seeking. He had nearly filled the bag but he wanted more, so he looked to the sky and his favorite constellation of Orion where stars are born, and he reached deep into it with his mind. With his imagination he gathered up a handful of the brightest ones that would shine like only a candle could shine, and he placed them into the bag as well.

With his prize held firmly, he made his way back to the Tree and he climbed inside with the silence all around him. There was still no sign that any one had been there and he wondered if they ever would again, but then maybe there was still time? He went to the Book of Dreams and he tore out some of the blank pages it contained and placed them inside like tiny blank butterflies waiting to be filled with words, then he took a single piece and put it in his coat pocket. Before he closed the bag to protect all that it contained, he made a tiny dragonfly.


Believing in the one you are,

Thoughts that give you strength and hope,

Words that carry you away,

At times when you don’t think you’ll cope.


Laughing in the morning sun,

Crying in the midday rain,

Then smiling at the stars that shine,

Because like you they’ll shine again.


For each and every star that falls,

A wish awaits for you to make,

A dream come true in times to come,

With every little step you take.


The stars you hold within your hands,

Are gathered there for you to see,

So even in your darkest hours,

You will pull through it’s your destiny.


He finished and put this into the bag, and then he placed his hand into a hole in the solid trunk of the Tree, searching with his tiny fingers, and when he removed it he was holding a small candle, like the light of life to be shared, to glow when the darkness was at its worst, a reminder of all that life is and ever will be. His treasure was now complete, the magic was captured, and now he placed the bag where his friend would usually sit with her pen and paper in hand and then he turned, but before climbing down he made a wish. It was a wish he would not share, but a wish just the same, a wish upon the star that he had seen earlier and had waited to use. He climbed down from the Tree with its rough-hewn bark and as he stood there, all was silent. The forest was asleep and the fox was gone, but as he always knew, the stars still shined, they would always shine, they would always smile and their laughter would be heard by all those that believed. He knew his friend believed just as he did, and he only hoped that his gift could give her the strength that his words had so often given before. Only time would tell, but like before he truly believed and he would never let any other thought cross into the enquiring mind of the child she was, and that one day she would realise her wildest dreams.

He sat now by the ocean blue, with his bare feet resting in the cool waters as if drawing from the magic that it offered. He took the piece of paper from his jacket pocket and he folded it carefully into the most wonderful of paper boats, and then he added some words of hope, of believing. In the moonlight, he watched as it set sail as so many had before in search of a dream. He had sprinkled this with some of his magic, yes his. He thought he was magic, no, he knew he was magic and his words would always be like air and water, they would always speak of all the positive things that life has to offer and they were there for all those less fortunate than he, all those that needed a helping hand. That was who he was and always would be and his happiness was found in the happiness that he gave to others, the most wonderful of gifts that costs nothing but a simple smile. He would wait here until this paper boat returned and he would hope that his friend would find the gift he left for her. Now as he sat quietly, the stars smiled down upon him and he smiled back, and the colours of the Milky Way glowed in reds and pinks, with just a touch of cobalt blue smudged across, intermingled amongst the stars. He laughed, and they laughed to. Yes life was a wonderful thing.

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Within my mind sits a haunting vision,

One that mingles with countless dreams,

No matter how long I search inside,

There is little of nothing that is what it seems.


Ghostly voices are calling my name soft and low,

Memories flood in as if the dam has been burst,

Words like the story of the life that we lead,

Treading briskly but softy at first.


Now looking out as the colours abound,

I shout at the top of my voice,

As the breezes they blow like a whisper,

My echo returns as if it had no choice.


Now in the darkness of night as it falls,

The sweet silver tinkling of smiling stars,

And now and again as one falls from the sky,

We make a wish from where ever we are.


Clasped all so tightly in childlike hands,

The light that is life sends out it’s glow,

Radiating on all that may care to see,

Challenging all that we know.


The past and the future are one in the same,

Then the vision appears a familiar face,

Tell me your tales of the wonders you’ve seen,

As I sit all alone in this quiet place.



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Happiness is a piece of mind,

It’s a state where smiles abound.

It is all the things we do in life,

The many joys that we have found.


It is not a thing that one man owns,

Or only one can give.

It is there to share with everyone,

Through every day we live.


It’s the simple words that I may share,

It’s the tales that bring a smile,

It’s the strength you give without a thought,

That goes the extra mile.


It’s the magic that the stars can bring,

On a cold dark lonely night.

When all seems lost but then is found,

And everything’s alright.


It’s a paper boat that sails the seas,

On a journey far and wide.

Waiting to return one day,

When everything is right.


It is why I live the way I do,

It is what keeps me sustained,

Happiness runs through my blood,

Making sunshine from the rain.


So as I climb into a tree,

I smile at all that’s there,

The mobiles spinning in the sun,

The Book Of Dreams with words to share.


The laughter at the things I see,

As I watch the children play,

Waiting for the stars to come,

To light the end of day.


So when you look into the sky,

See the stars all smiling bright,

Make a wish for all you want,

And everything will be alright.

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