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If I was just a snowflake,

On a cold crisp winter’s day,

Would anyone ever notice me,

As I slowly melt away?


And as the water formed a drop,

A tiny tear upon the ground.

Would they ever notice that,

Would they know I’d been around?


Sometimes we will wonder,

About the simple things we feel,

The questions that we ask ourselves,

Of situations all so real.


Right now you need to understand,

You will not be alone,

You will not go unnoticed,

I’ll tell you and everyone.


You see we are just magical,

And we’ve flown into your world.

A dragonfly and ladybug,

Friends with a little girl.


So if you’re feeling sad and blue,

We’ll take you to a Tree.

Where you’ll turn into a budderfly,

With my Lovely Rose and Me.

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