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As the sun rose, she stared from where she sat amongst the soft pink flowers, surrounding her in a sea of colour, with a perfume that calmed her so. The clouds glowed in red and orange hues as the rays from the suns light painted them, as if with an artists brush guided by her imagination alone. She sat in the bright sunlight and as the gentle morning breeze blew, it tossed her wisps of hair ever softly across her face, playing shadows across her blue green eyes.

Sitting quietly she watched and listened for the sounds of her friends whom she had hoped would come find her, and in this silence her mind wandered like a lost soul. You see it was a special day, it was her birthday and she was turning ten today. Her favourite puppies were resting their heads in her lap, as she thought about the fun things she would like to do, but then she knew it would not be the same without her friends whom she loved so dearly. She lay back and let the daisies cradle her body like a soft feather doona and then with her wide sparkling eyes, she scanned the sky searching for her fondest memories, the happiness that her life so far had afforded her. The many times she had spent with her beloved white haired boy, and the girl with the wide smile and painted pink lips, and the young boy with the long dark hair that always followed close behind, came flooding back, yet today they were not here and she was alone like a single raindrop in the desert.

As she looked into the sky, a tear welled in her eye then rolled off her cheek, and as it landed on a daisy head, a ladybug appeared. She ran her hand across her nose and sniffled, trying to find some happiness, but it was like every birthday she could remember was the same. She just longed for that one time where that special moment would materialise and all the sadness would melt away, like ice in the morning sun.

She lay quietly contemplating what she would do next, and as she did the sound of birds singing began to drift from the distant forest, becoming louder by the second. It was joyful and calming and it was as though they were singing just for her to cheer her up. Just then a bright blue dragonfly appeared, hovering overhead, with the golden rays of sunlight passing through its wings and painting tiny rainbows on her red cheeks. A butterfly and a bee joined it and it was as though they were there just for her, but this made her think about her friends, and as she closed her eyes in reflection they disappeared from before her. She felt a tiny tickle on her face and glancing downward she could just make out the ladybug, tugging at her lips to form a smile, which she most certainly did.

“Psssst.” She looked sideways and the biggest smile ever grew upon her face, as three shapes stood silhouetted in the rising sun. She could just make out the tufts of neatly tied hair and ribbons, and the tails of the long coat, and as her eye adjusted, the faces of her three most special friends could be seen smiling back at her. “Thought we’d forgotten had you?” said the young boy with the light filtering through his white hair. She shook her head unconvincingly with a sheepish smile, then responded. “Well, I guess I did a little, but……..”  “Gotcha a present,” whispered her friend as she burst with excitement to give it to her. She handed her the carefully wrapped gift, and exchanged hugs.

Ever so carefully she removed the wrapping paper and hidden within she found a ceramic cow, with ladybugs painted upon its body. She loved ladybugs and her excitement could not be contained. Then the boy with the long dark hair handed her a small box, just as she went to shake it, a look of horror filled his face and he waved his hands frantically, which made her pause, understanding that she needed to take care with this. When she opened it, she found six of the tiniest cup cakes, each one decorated in a different theme, with rainbow sugar sparkles reflecting in the sun. Her last gift was from the white haired boy, her one true love. She unwrapped this with the greatest care, because it was wrapped in love. When she opened the box, she found a vase with a musical rose inside that bloomed when you spoke soft words of love to it, and as it opened it revealed a tiny ladybug at its centre. This was such a wonderful selection of gifts, from the most wonderful friends she could ever ask for.

She hugged them all and then they sat down in the sun together. They talked and shared the cup cakes and had their own little tea party, whilst trying to keep the puppies from having their share. Today was indeed the most magical birthday she had ever had and it would live on in her memory forever.


Special times with special friends

Where wishes all come true,

The greatest gift that I could want,

Was being here with you.


You fill my life with love and joy,

With laughter everywhere,

Four friends close as friends can be,

Friends that truly care.


A moment passes through my life,

So treasured now remains.

Longing for just one more time,

When we will meet again.


We’ll share some tears and many smiles,

We’ll play in fields so green.

Friends we are and friends we’ll be,

The best friends ever seen.

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