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When children play they do not see,
With grown up eyes at all.
They run around and stories tell,
They climb and never fall.

So innocent is what they are,
Intentions pure and free.
Smiling as they sit and talk,
Inside the friendship tree.

There’s always room for more they said,
And so that came to be.
Now sitting on the branches wide,
Instead of two there’s three.

Time it passes quickly now,
Days go flitting by.
And the fading light that fills the tree,
Plays on the butterflies.

They hold on to their hopes and dreams,
They hold on to their friend.
The times they shared so wonderful,
So scared that they may end.

He wraps them up within the words,
Of a magic story told.
Shields them from the dark clouds now,
Drives away the cold.

He sends a wish into the stars,
Now hid by daylights hand.
Waiting for the sun to shine,
Pink hues across the land.

As nighttime falls and stars come out,
To smile with twinkling eyes,
His wish come true, they all remain,
I shall not tell a lie.

Sometimes hope is fickle,
And our dreams may not come true,
But if you don’t ask, you’ll never get,
That much I will tell you.

So smile a little smile today,
Believe in all your dreams.
This white haired boy is magical,
More magical than he seems.

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