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Across the valley a rainstorm was clearing as the day began to fade, and with it the last of the soft rolling thunder like a bowling ball as it was propelled down the alley, and the flash of lighting that reached from the sky to scorch the earth. The sunlight was now reflecting off the raindrops creating a giant rainbow that climbed across the sky like the most wonderful coloured bridge of pink, red, purple, orange, blue and green, just waiting for the adventurous ones to come explore.

She was eight years old with her cheeks flushed pink, and her long brown hair that was tied in ponytails with the softest pink satin bows. She was full of kindness and she always saw the good in people, and this was a quality her friends had always admired. As she ran she called out, “Wait for me please, I can’t run any more cause my legs are tired.” It was a bright sunny afternoon and a cool but gentle breeze blew through the fields stirring the grass so that it swayed in an almost circular pattern, looking like a ripple on a calm ocean after casting in a pebble. He stopped mid path and turned around to smile at her as she ran towards him. He was only twelve years old and they had been friends for a while now. His long white hair was being tossed ever so slightly in the breeze that blew, with the coat tails of his magical blue jacket flapping gently, as if beating a tune to the sounds that surrounded him. He always smiled and did his best to spread happiness amongst those he knew and his words were like magic to his friend’s ears as they all sat patiently waiting for his many stories to unfold in their minds.

They were the best of friends and they would often search for little treasures together so they could share them with others, and he hoped today would be like many other days before. She reached where he was standing and puffing loudly exclaimed, “You walk so fast, and I just can’t keep up some times.” He smiled because he knew he did, but at the same time he never meant to, he never wanted to leave her behind. “Can we sit for a while?” she asked inquisitively, smiling as he nodded to say yes, at which point she threw herself in amongst a small patch of soft pink daisies. He sat down nearby and then fell onto his back feeling the cushion of flowers cradle his body like a soft feather doona, which was very comforting to say the least. He stared into the sky at the clouds and imagined the many shapes they made, whilst the small girl picked some daisies and threaded each one onto a piece of string.

He giggled and then he smiled at what he saw. She looked up from her total concentration of threading the daisies onto the fine pink cotton string, with the tip of her tongue poked from the side of her mouth as if it would help the string guide itself through the tiny hole she had made in the stems of each tiny flower. “What you giggling at?” she asked, as he sat now looking intently at her. He paused and then explained. “I saw a cloud that looks like a fluffy puppy dog.” “Where?” she chirped in hurriedly, wanting to see it before it was too late. He pointed to the sky and she stared up the length of his arm, past the shiny gold buttons on the sleeve of his blue coat.  “See there, just like a fluffy white slipper.” She laughed at his words, because she could see it now and it was like a slipper. She then replied. “You know you see some mazing things. I just wished I had the same imagination as you.” He was always encouraging and as he continued to stare skywards he suggested. “Come on, it’s your turn, tell me what you see.” She shook her head in disappointment, no dejection. “I can’t, I’m no good at this.” He smiled once again. “But you know you can, you just need to pretend.” She rolled onto her back reluctantly at first and the soft daisies tickled her ears as she moved her head side to side to scan the sky for the fluffy treasures. Being late in the afternoon, the sun was low and the sunlight and shadows made the clouds look ever more wonderful. After a while a broad smile spread across her face. “There, up there, I see a ladybug,” she squealed with delight. Yes she was right it was a ladybug, even though it was only white in colour, but her imagination painted it a shiny red with pink spots just like she had seen once before. He looked at his friend and she looked at him, and she knew exactly whom he was thinking of. It was their friend who loved to wear her red dress and shiny red shoes, and definitely loved ladybugs and whom was due to arrive anytime soon. As they sat and talked, the excitement began to build knowing how much fun the three would have together.

She was just ten years old, and probably more mature than they were, but she was ever so much fun. She said so many funny things, but she was not sure if she was really one of them sometimes, mind you, they both knew different. She had a big heart and a deep soul, and she enjoyed nothing more than to be with her two friends. She skipped down the path and waved her hands with her arms held wide which made them both laugh, because they knew she was pretending to be a ladybug. As she got closer, her blue green eyes sparkled in the sun and her smile told of how pleased she was to see them once more. “What you doing?” She called in a loud voice that echoed in the nearby forest. “We’re just talking and looking at clouds, that’s all,” explained the boy. “I saw a ladybug,” called out an excited friend dusting the last of the daisy petals off her pink overalls. Yes she had made a necklace, but at the same time she had picked the petals off several daisies, because that was what she did sometimes when she was deep in thought. “Did you really see a ladybug, or are you just saying that to be nice?” The girl brushed off the last petal and gave a smile. “I wouldn’t fib, honestly.”

Their friend seemed excited and when she asked if they could show her, they both searched really hard, and in a short while, the boy called out. “There, see?” She huddled close and looking really hard, she pointed to where she thought it was. “Yes, I see it, and look, there is a dragonfly and a butterfly.” They all smiled, because she was right, they were there, just like the three friends, except together in the sky. She found so many things when they went on adventure and they loved her enthusiasm. “What are we going to do now?” asked the girls. He did not need to think too long, because he already had a good idea of what he wanted to show them today, and when he said they were going to search for treasure, they both jumped for joy. “Come on, let’s go. No slopolocs, okay?” They walked together along the path leaving the Magic Forest and the Friendship Tree behind, then as the ground gradually changed from the hard earth into soft pliable sand, it made a high pitched squeaking sound under their feet. They reached the place where the ocean met the land and stood on a small dune overlooking the beach and the ocean that washed upon its golden sands. The smell of the salt air was bitter, yet at the same time refreshing and they all knew that besides the tree, this was the best place to be. They took off their shoes and socks and stacked them side by side next to a tuft of fine seagrass.

They walked down to the waters edge and as they turned to look behind, their tiny footsteps had left an indelible pattern in the moist sand. Just then the water rolled in and washed away any trace of where they had been, but still they were here, and they knew that was all that mattered. As they walked along, the gentle lapping of the water washed over their feet and they felt as if they were at one with their beloved ocean. “Okay, let’s start looking for treasure,” he barked, before setting off. As the white haired boy walked in the shallow water he kicked his feet, each time sending a spray of water that spun and sparkled like the tiny tears and diamonds in his friends dreams, and as they landed they sent a ripple upon the ocean. Before long they reached a part of the beach covered in pebbles and tiny worn shells. “Look, over here, quick come see,” she called, as she looked for a space that would not dirty her pink overalls. She had found a hundred, no a thousand tiny shells, worn from wind and waves, waiting to become the most sought after treasure, like the oceans tiny jewels.

The three friends gathered around, sitting in a sort of circle where they flitted through the selection of shells. There were so many and each one was something special. It was late in the day, and as the sun set it painted the sky and the clouds that dotted it in pinks and oranges. “Wow, look at this one,” whispered the little girl as she flicked the length of pink bow from her face where it had blown in the breeze. She held it up to the soft light to show her two friends. It was so small she could barely hold it in her tiny fingers, yet with its tight conical twisted white form painted with a soft pink smudge at its tip, it was more than special. They all searched frantically through the hundreds of shells, all of which reminded them that most things in life come to an end, but even so they still manage to hold a beauty of their own. They each found three shells and when they were done they shared one each with the other friends.

Once they had exchanged gifts, the white haired boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a rainbow coloured piece of paper. He carefully folded it, drawing each fold through his tiny fingers, and with each intricate crease it gradually took shape, and as his two friends watched on, with a smile falling upon his face as he completed it. “Da dum,” he cried. “What is it?” his friends enquired. “It’s a paper boat.” He explained. “Wow, so what do you do with it?” she asked shuffling her red shoes under her so as to be more comfortable. “You write a message on it and then you set it sailing on the sea.” The two friends nodded to each other as if understanding now, and then smiled whilst rubbing their hands together. He produced a black pen from his coat pocket and held it out before them. “Who will be first?” They looked at him and then at each other, because they were either unsure, or maybe just waiting for the other to say something. “Come on, do I need to pick someone?” “Well what do I write?” said the girl in pink. “Just simple words that you want the world to see. Words that speak of what you feel now.” She took the pen and she wrote her words, silent for the whole time, then when she was done she passed the pen to the girl in the red dress. She wrote her words too and then last of all it was his turn. Neither one knew what the other wrote, and probably never will, but then theirs was a special friendship between three and words were sometimes shared and other time cast away for none to know but themselves.

He stood now and walked to the waters edge where he carefully placed the boat and blew gently upon it. His two friends blew soft kisses in its direction also, and with that it set sail out to sea. It drifted slowly at first and seemed as though it would never find its course, but then the current carried it away. As he stood there, he looked into the sky where the colours before him changed from pink to red, then purple and a deep blue hue like the ink from a fountain pen, before finally reaching the blackness of the night that was creeping up behind them. In the darkness of the night sky, the stars twinkled as if smiling for them, and where the night was yet to take hold they sparkled ever so dimly waiting for the hand of night to gently pull a blanket over the day and all it had held.

For all that life was, he always believed that it would never be the same if it were not for his two friends. They made it so special and full of wonder. He reached once more into the depths of his coat pocket and with a glance and a smile towards his friends he raised his tiny cupped hands. They gave an almost quizzical look, yet at the same time it was an all knowing look, because they knew where the magic came from and anticipated something special once more. He threw his hands into the air and from them flew three tiny stars, like fireworks leaving a sparkled trail of where they had been. Each star was one of them, taking their place in the night sky, like life newly born and signalling life eternal. As the dark of night finally took hold, the millions of stars shone like the memories of children before them. They represented all they knew and all they would become, entwined in the web that life would weave from this day forward. The waves softly splashed upon the sand, making a soothing humming noise, and in the darkness the imagination of the three children would carry them together to far off worlds full of awe and wonder, where nothing mattered and time did not exist in the fabric of life.

The time had come to make their way back to the friendship tree. By now, the moon had risen and an eerie glow made their shadows stretch behind them, and as they walked the two girls made shapes with their shadows by moving their arms in all directions, as if dancing. As they wound their way once more through the magic forest, their shadows danced upon the leaves of the trees that fluttered in the breeze like tiny butterflies flapping their wings. The faeries and elves giggled, holding their hands over their tiny faces as if to hide the joy they felt when the three friends were around. The girls now skipped happily as the forest gave way to the field that spread out before them, with the soft pink of the daisies looking like a watercolour painting in the yellow glow. The silhouette of the Friendship Tree was imposing in the moonlight and its shadow stretched to almost touch the forest edge, as if reaching out to take hold and draw the mystical creatures into its arms.

“Come, let’s climb,” he called as they made their way slowly from behind him on the winding path. He climbed first, and then he held out his hand and helped his friends one by one. They sat quietly on the middle branches and watched as the mobiles that were suspended there sparkled and spun. “Wait here,” he suggested as he went away for a short while. When he returned, he was holding the Book of Dreams, clasped tightly within his arms, protected from all the untruths, open to hopes and dreams. “Todays adventure has been but one of many that lie before us. The words now written will speak of all we know, for all to see for ever and a day.” He opened the book and within it he wrote.


The journey we are taking,

Will carry us afar,

To unknown worlds of wonder,

To deep within the stars.


Then when life’s journey seems at end,

We’ll find some more to see.

On the highest of the mountains,

To the depths of deep blue seas.


Together we will venture,

Three friends all side by side.

The challenges that face us,

From which we shall not hide.


The bond we share is special,

Unique in many ways.

Unsurpassed by all we know,

In each and every day.


So now my friends we’re here to share,

Friendships gift so true.

The gift of smiles and happiness,

In all that we shall do.


The time has come again you see,

To close the book once more.

Ready for the world to read,

To find out whom we are.


They’ll read the words and understand,

That what we have is real.

Two girls and a white haired boy,

Sharing thoughts and dreams they feel.


He closed the ‘Book of Dreams’ and returned it to where it was kept, and then they sat and told stories until the morning light. Friendship is a wonderful thing, but true friendship is totally amazing. Was what they had even greater still? Only they would ever know or understand, only time would tell.

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