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As I look into the star filled sky,

I see a million smiles returned,

Laughter echoed in the night,

Many things that have been learnt.


The colours in the galaxies,

Like rainbows in the sun,

So much there for us to share,

So much for everyone.


A shooting star so fleeting,

As it passes by unseen,

Sometimes leaving just a trace,

To tell us where it’s been.


So it is with life my friend,

As we drift upon this earth,

Waiting for the day to come,

Looking for our worth.


Always wondering what could be,

If time was had again,

Where all we did and all we wished,

Could happen once again.


Would you change a single thing?

Would that make it right?

Would the stars still fill the sky?

On the deepest darkest night.


You know my love I’d never change,

For she means so much to me,

And in this life and many more,

I know that she will be.


And like I am so sure of that,

I value you my friend,

And would not change that either,

If I had this time again.


So give a little smile my friend,

Add a star up in the sky,

To twinkle all so happily,

As the days and years go by.


And if you’re ever feeling blue,

Look to where the wonders are,

Think of all the happy thoughts,

And wish upon a star.


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