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There is a special place,

That few will ever see,

A place so full of wonder,

And all that there can be.


It can’t be seen by everyone,

Just those whose hearts are true,

A special world where children play,

Formed from the bond of two.


Not a bond like you may think,

Just innocent and free.

A bond that is a friendship true,

That’s all it’s ever been.


Enquiring minds will search to find,

The deeper meaning there.

But never will they find a thread,

In this world without a care.


The thoughts and dreams that permeate,

Crossing oceans deep and wide.

Inviting those with open minds,

To climb a tree and come inside.


Others have now joined us here,

Sharing the tears and laughter true.

Sitting on the branches wide,

That once were shared by two.


There’s magic in this little world,

But not the type you know.

It’s magic of the many words,

That a Book of Dreams will show.


Have you ever met another,

Whom you shared a little thought,

And never seen beyond the smile,

Never in a heart got caught.


Well come into this little world,

And with an open mind you’ll see.

Where children play without a care,

Where all of this can be.


I’ll leave you with a passing thought,

I hope you’ll take away with you.

With your eyes you won’t see clearly,

With your heart you’ll see what’s true.

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