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Three friends they are sitting,

their eyes are open wide,

Staring out in wonder,

into the dark night sky.

One girl wearing red,

her shoes are shining bright,

Marvelling at the wonders,

of all she sees at night.

He wears his coat of blue,

his long white hair it flows,

Telling them the stories,

of all the things he knows.

Then there is the little friend,

her clothes all coloured pink,

She quietly sits and listens

and wonders what to think.


Stories of adventures,

to places far and wide,

Three friends go exploring,

where the magic creatures hide.

Deep inside the forest,

where the haunting music plays,

That is where you’ll find them,

as they while away the days.

Never have a worry,

never have a care,

Laughing loud at all they see,

whenever they are there.

Smiles upon the faces,

of children young and pure,

Friends they are forever,

of that they are so sure.


Many years have passed now,

and grownups they became,

Still they were the three friends true,

but they never were the same.

Minds so often drifted,

but no longer could they find,

Always looking here and there,

looking for the child inside.

Longing for the happy times,

the lives they used to lead,

Two friends dreamed as children do,

and planted deep a seed.

Now they smile as they admire,

a special place they know,

A place they call the Friendship Tree,

where hopes and dreams will grow.


Written words within a book,

that tells of many things,

Thoughts so deep and words so true,

happiness it brings.

Standing tall and always strong,

the branches hold them tight,

Sharing all there is to share,

into the deep dark night.

Once again within the Tree,

they wish upon a star,

They’ll never break the bond they share,

or forget just who they are.

So when you pass the tree so green,

in a field of flowers so wide,

Stop and look so you may see,

the children there inside.


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