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The little prince sat alone on top of the hill that overlooked the valley full of colour. The flowers were in bloom and their beauty reminded him of so many of the joyous things in life that he had come to know. He thought about his lovely Rose and how she was so unique in all the world to him, and how he always missed her when he was away. He thought about his friend the little fox, and how she had shown him so many things over time and had taught him that the little boy inside was important and needed to be released for all to see. From where he sat the Friendship Tree was bathed in the sunlight and it shone like a beacon for all that chose to believe to see.

It was a cool day, yet the sun’s warmth meant that he had removed his blue jacket and folded it neatly, placing it next to him. The breeze that gently blew flicked the tail of his yellow scarf, as if bringing it to life like the snake that he had also come to know. As the sunlight reflected in his eyes, a small tear formed as he wondered what would ever be, what life had in store for him. He had always thought deeply and now it was no different with the emotions that played within his mind dancing here and there, never taking hold, yet tearing him ever slightly more each time. As the tear rolled down his cheek he looked into the deep blue sky, dotted with tiny puffy white clouds that drifted as if on a journey, and he wondered where it was they were heading.

The tear fell from his cheek and the sunlight reflected upon it as it fell, before it landed next to him where it sank into the cold brown earth, gone forever. “Hello,” a voice called from behind. It was familiar, yet it was as though he had not heard it for so long. “What ya doing?” He turned his head, and then smiled. It was the little fox, and she bounded through the field with the energy that he had seen in her so long ago. “Um, I’m just thinking,” he replied, still deep in thought. “What ya thinking of?” she asked with an inquisitive smile. He was a bit perplexed, because he did not like to share all his thoughts, he, well he just felt like there were some things he would tell no one. “Well I was, um, just looking at the clouds and trying to imagine they were something else, but, well, I wasn’t having much luck.” He didn’t like to tell her that he missed his Rose and her, because he didn’t want them to worry about him. He knew it was just a part of what life had to offer right now and he was thankful the he still had his words.

As the little fox sat down next to him she smiled widely, and then explained that she had not heard from Rose for a while, and that she missed it when they did not play together. “I sometimes feel like we are drifting on an ocean, each in separate little boats, then in the dark of night the currents take us in different directions and before we know it, we are all lost at sea.” The little prince bowed his head in thought, yet again without showing his true emotions he found something positive. “Yes, sometimes I too feel like we have all been lost and then we each meet again in a different time and it is like we have been on our own adventures with stories to tell about all the wonderful things that we have seen.” She smiled and nodded in understanding, and then he continued. “I have been very lucky. I have known love and friendship from two wonderful people. I know my journey now is only to find myself, because the two most important things that I need, I have. Each of us has a compass and it will guide us as it has you to me today, and as it will my Rose to us.”

His words were deep, yet true and the little fox knew now that she was not lost, but on a journey and that she only needed to look for his words to know that he was there and where she would find him if she needed, but what of the Rose she thought? As though he could see inside her mind, he gestured and they stood, before he unfolded his magic blue coat and put it on. “Just as with you my friend, words are what call us together. Words of joy and friendship, words that speak of a bond that was formed over time based on truth and trust. Close your eyes and hear the words that I shall speak and all will be revealed.”


I look to see but cannot find,

The smallest thought within my mind,

A thought that speaks of friendship true,

Where words were spoken between two.


Upon a swing in a forest deep,

Where dreams were real not formed in sleep,

And two that spoke the truth that was,

To seal a bond in life because.


Without the friendship that was cast,

There’d be no future, nor a past,

And as the light shines through the tree,

You know that friends will always be.


Standing strong together in,

This place where friendship did begin,

Where words will always be the call,

Three friends will be forever more.


            She had heard of the tale told about two friends, who were much as she and the lovely Rose were, and how magic was woven where they became as one in their thoughts. Then upon the breeze, the heady perfume she knew so well drifted and as she breathed it in, her mind played, then from behind, “Hello my friend.” It was Rose and she had a tear in her eye, as did the little fox. The little fox smiled and they hugged as long lost friends do, albeit they were not lost, nor had it been too long between seeing each other, it was just that that was how much they had missed each other. “I was just telling the little prince that I had missed you and that…..” Rose looked a bit perplexed and as she turned to catch the eye once more of the little prince, the fox realised why. “But he was just here, we were talking and he was telling me, but, oh well you are here now.”

            The little prince had gone, vanished, yet he was there in his own way, in each of their minds. He had longed to be with his two friends, but something had told him that today they needed each other more, and that his time would come. He had gone to the Tree and would sit and wait whilst they sang and played together in the field. He could see them as they ran around like only children do and the smile this brought to his face was like the gift of life itself. Knowing that the happiness he had known was shared by two of his dearest friends was something that could never be bought. For now he was content in his life. He knew that time had much in store for them all. He knew that his dreams, his words would bring them together once more and three friends would sit in a tree looking at the butterflies, ladybugs and dragonflies that spun like tiny windmills in the sunlight. He knew too that his other friends would visit as would the old man he had come to know so well. That time was near and only the white haired boy knew when or why, but he waited in anticipation at the thought.


            My friend recently asked – “Has the friendship we have changed. Has it lessened with all that is or is not consuming us?” My answer is simple yet complex. “True friendship goes beyond what we see and what many people know. A true friendship has no expectations, no special requirements other than it is what it is because those within it care enough to understand one another. We are what we are, we will be what we will be, but most of all we are friends true and strong, there for each other to face all that life lays before us, lifting each up into the light as it fades from time to time. That is what we three have now and forever.”


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